In 2007, my wife and my two children packed up everything we owned in a 26-foot box truck and moved from Amherst, Ohio to Naples, Florida to launch Destiny Church.
The first call I made when we arrived at our new house was to the landlord to ask him how to turn on the hot tub. The landlord asked why we moved to Florida and I told him that we were here to plant a church. His next words confirmed everything that God had spoke into our hearts. He said, “I’ve been looking for a good church”. The next day I met him for lunch and he became the first attender.
After a few weeks of soul winning, we began renting the Hampton Inn meeting room on Sunday evenings.
That was the beginning of Destiny Church. We continued to preach and love on every person that God was sending to us. After a few weeks, we outgrew the room at the Hampton and moved to the Gulf Coast High School cafeteria.
It was in that cafeteria that the fire of God began to fall. Signs and wonders began showing up every week. God began sending us the hurting and needy. We heard story after story of people being healed of cancer and all kinds of diseases; people being delivered from crack drug addiction, alcohol and cigarettes.
God was adding to His church daily. He began speaking to us about the vision and mission of Destiny Church. God was opening our understanding of what and how He wanted to use Destiny Church in our community.
I knew that God had called us to Naples, and through the process, God developed the vision and mission statement He wanted us to live by.

After meeting for about two years at Gulf Coast High School, the church had grown to about two hundred people. Things were going very good.
Then on October 13th, 2009, the day after my 48th birthday, our world came to a screeching halt.
While jogging that morning with my wife, my heart suddenly stopped. From somewhere between 10-15 minutes that day, I died. I crumpled onto the grass with no oxygen going to my brain. After three days in a coma, God raised me up.
Please watch Pastor Greg’s Miracle to see and hear this amazing miracle that God performed on our behalf:

The next year we grew by another 100 people. By the power of the Holy Spirit we had outgrown the Gulf Coast High School cafeteria.
We were contacted by another Pastor who was leaving the area to plant a church in South Carolina. He asked us to pray about taking over his congregation and about merging the two churches. After much prayer, we made the decision to move Destiny Church to the Palmetto Ridge High School auditorium in March, 2012, where we stayed for 2 years to see God move in amazing ways.

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