Lead Pastors Greg & Bobbie Ball

Greg Ball and his wife Bobbie are the lead pastors of Destiny Church in Naples, Florida, an exciting, growing church that averages 350 people during Sunday morning service.

Pastor Greg is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus. Each week he shares God’s Word and its practical application in our daily lives in a Spirit-led, love-driven, truth-filled message.

Bobbie is a full-time minister involved in every aspect of the church administration who also has been blessed with the innate ability to make people feel welcome and loved at Destiny Church. She is a mighty woman of God who supports and complements her husband’s ministry with her own strengths and gifts. Together they exemplify how God intended marriage to be–a remarkable synergy that ultimately brings glory to God.

Pastor Greg and Bobbie live in Naples, Florida with their daughter, Destiny. They also have a son, Jordan, and a daughter-in-law Amanda through their other son Titus.

The family moved here from Lorain, Ohio to plant Destiny Church in 2007. Pastor Greg is licensed with LeSEA Ministries in South Bend, Indiana, where he was ordained into ministry by Dr. Lester Sumrall.

One thing you won’t forget about Pastor Greg is that he was raised from the dead. Yes–you heard right. From the dead. In Oct 2009, God raised Pastor Greg from the dead after his heart stopped beating between 10-15 min. After 3 days in a coma, resurrection power came into the hospital room and raised him up. You can view Pastor Greg’s Miracle here:

God had a reason for bringing Pastor Greg back to life that day and a specific purpose for his life. He is using Greg to release people in their gifts, to deliver them from bondage, to build God’s Kingdom and not his own, and to allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in every church service.

He is using Greg to help people find their destiny in Christ.